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peD chIS Zeolite 'och tIq

zeolite (), lo' reactive functional filler: chenmoH product pong processing rewbe'mey'e' lo' law' functional filler mep, rubber, leather 'ej latlh industry, instead of precipitate calcium carbonate. chu' media production artificial leather lo', yIqaw cha'logh times national motlh (radial tensile HoS porghDaj moH 754, zonal intensity 698, yub 23); Qo'noS production let pey tun 'ej alkali resistant pvc beq 'ej products, chep calcium amount poH cha'logh packing, ghom yIqaw ghap national Hol gb4454-84 requirements exceed. laH ghaHmo' manufacturers production costs reduce 'ej product laHlIj Dub. yan qaStaHvIS mep products, HoS ghur puS 20 vatlhvI'. navmey industry, pa' manufacture newsprint ghorgh instead of talc. ghaH tlhejmeH veb qechmeyDaj Huj. (b) zeolite 'och tIq, lo' je': rewbe'mey'e' lo' je' additives, adsorption je tat tam, digestive Qap Dub ammonia-voQSIp absorption, vegh digestive tract adsorption intestinal Qom substances, nutrients poH mIm, 'ej laH Sar trace elements supply ghur, num, je' efficiency Dub livestock. laH chel product Hoch wo' neH je' 5 vatlhvI'.